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How to run the tests

Sep 17, 2009 at 11:27 AM

You may see the command line arguments in ArgsParser.cpp files.
It is useful to specify “-stat” for the server. To run with unprivileged user login, use option -port, e.g. “-port:8080”
Switches “-tbb” (default), “-mt:N”, and “-simple” control type of the dispatcher to use.

It is harder to run the benchmark correctly (because it was not finished properly).
Usage is "benchmark host_name connection_count [-port:number] [-sync]"
To achieve a maximal throughput, run benchmark with big enough connection count, about 5000 – 10000.

Important notes: the benchmark will flood console with unnecessary messages for that number of connections, so just suppress the output.
Instead, use .xml file generated by the benchmark (and server’s statistics on console).
And restart the server before another try – it has some buffering issue, so it will continue to report about processing while benchmarks finish already.
You may run also the second instance of the benchmark to check whether it makes a bigger throughput.

It’d be nice to look at your findings…